Market Metrics™

What is Market Metrics™?

Most Users see it, try it, love it, but still have a hard time understanding what this powerful tool can do. Market Metrics shows you the available supply and selling history of a vehicle in your local area.


Market Metrics™ takes data from 75,000 automotive dealer websites and shows you the low, high, and averages of price, miles, and days on market of a specific vehicle, in a specific area, at any given time. It now only shows you the retail market, but the wholesale market as well.





This is the retail and wholesale market outlook for a 2014 Camry LE within a 100 mile radius. This data tells us that 106 vehicles are currently available for retail and 23 vehicles currently available at Auction.




Listing History

Vehicle Listing History shows you how long a car has been listed, price and mile changes, and whether its active on any of the 200 million listing sites on the web.


See article here.


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